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Art Polina is Brand Sculptor, Strategist, Entrepreneur and founder of consulting creative agency SCULPTOS. During past 7 years she was Brand Manager at Nestle, Marketing Specialist at Coca-Cola, collaborated with lots of creative agencies including Ogilvy PR and McCann. Polina also led marketing activities at boutique agency MMG in Los Angeles, and coordinating communications at CNL TV Channel.

“I’m glad to do what I love and help numerous business owners with main things:


My story began when I was 13, under hot Asian sun I was working as street shampoo promoter wearing high heels and synthetic dress. Motivation was strong – $1 per hour! That was absolutely crazy! All childly stereotypes about life were broken, I opened new world of persuasion, advertising, showing off yourself,  how our small town was saturated with products and people around! I could read emotions, how humans were hustling on Christmas, and getting so satisfied and egocentric when holding huge shopping basket on the way out of store. It seemed people live for brand names! I was fascinated how usual products in reality make our lives much better! That is why today at SCULPTOS I’m fully dedicated to carving brands with Purpose for better future.”

As a professional speaker, she hosts a series of creative and marketing seminars, conducting one-on-one sessions, monthly Branding workshops as well as networking events.

Polina is based in San Diego, CA, collaborating with clients worldwide. She is very active runner.


Brand Strategy +

Positioning Strategy +

Storytelling +

Creative Direction & Execution +

Community Engagement +

Integrated Brand Strategies +

Global Branding+

+ Brand Architecture

+ Brand Portfolios

+ Brand Audit

+ Product Ideation and Packaging

+ Naming

+ Purpose-driven Brand Initiatives

+ Virtual Reality: Cinematic



Art.Polina is Founder & main Brand Sculptor of consulting creative agency SCULPTOS located in Carlsbad, CA. Team of strategists, creatives & developers is fully dedicated to carving brands for better future.


+ Branding Strategy

+ Creative Production

+ Social Community Engagement

+ Virtual Reality Experience

+ Innovational Packaging

+ Trainings & Workshops on Branding


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