Developing a guide for brand launch and successful growth. Applying market and social research, shaping target consumer profile, social analysis, we set up positioning, examine current brand perception and define related goals. Unleashing brand vision, image, story, main message and personality, then communicating it across set of channels.

+ Brand strategy

+ Brand audit

+ Positioning

+ Brand architecture

+ Brand value


+ Purpose-driven brand


Directing and executing creative campaigns to boost brand presence. Telling compelling Story using combination of powerful words, design, sounds and touches.

+ Social Advertising Campaigns

+ Nonprofit Creative Fundraising

+ Storytelling through Engaging Website

+ Art & Sound Installations

+ Mobile Commercials

Virtual Reality is new way to bring consumer right into Brand Presence. How? By showing a Film! Me and my team create custom VR Cinematic projects that narrate unforgettable stories related to brand. Each story leaves good memories and positive emotions in consumer’s mind. Isn’t it the most powerful?


Creating brand social resonance through allocation of various content like articles, publications, ad campaigns on social channels, digital platforms, emails, and direct web pages. Establishing content strategy for successful direct online sales funnel. Helping owners to establish direct sales through direct email campaigns using custom attitude to each person on a list.

I help to build:

+ Streams of Content

+ Social Community

+ Email List

+ Lead generation system through Direct Marketing


Possibility to lead workshops and keynote sessions on the following subjects:

Shifts in Perspective on Modern Branding

+ Purpose-driven Brand

+ Food & Beverage Brand Innovations

+ Personal Brand

+ Essentials for Woman oriented Feminine Brand


I developed my strategy the hard way with sweat & tears for over 8 years now, so you don’t have to! I’ll show you best of what to do with Brand and how to do!
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All projects are custom, but there is layout for successful Brand Strategy and mainly system for actual Execution that I apply for myself and on most of small enterprises. There are several packages that can be helpful for small businesses,  startup entrepreneurs who are in need of Personal Branding, also women owners with a need of Business + Brand Roadmap during first months of launching enterprise.

A glimpse on questions which I help to solve:

+ “Where to start with branding? How to make it?

+ How to get to know what consumers actually think about our brand?

+ Where to take content for constant publications?

+ Do I need rebranding or not? How to get to know if now is a right time?

+ How to create memorable story?

Please take a look at each package, then you can schedule consultancy call by emailing me at


Crafting compelling Story for your Brand to boost emotional connection with consumers, as result – increase loyalty and sales.

Providing full “Brand Essentials” for any small business. Crafting Brand’s Story and Image with application on website, video, stationary and collateral.

Complete custom Brand Strategy Project. Based on proper research, executing full brand development process, includes essential tools for promoting your product/service/personality.